Current Penny Stocks To Watch For Future Profits

When trying to select from the many current penny stocks, the field can seem overwhelming. What most investors do is search through them on a "scatter-gun" approach that seems to make no sense. The easiest way to monitor the current penny stocks might be to focus on one at a time, but these smaller cap shares tend to be highly volatile and profits are made overnight, literally.

Narrow your focus

This may leave you wondering how you can possibly have the time to sort through the current penny stocks and find those that will make you the most money, in the least amount of time. If you are like most savvy investors, you will narrow your focus to the hottest stock prospects listed on the best stock-picking newsletters, but even narrowing your focus to the strongest economic sectors may involve hundreds of current penny stocks to chart and monitor.

Penny stock-picking software

This is where penny stock-picking software can come in handy. You still need to narrow your focus, but you can select shares you want to monitor and set your alerts to perfect your timing in purchase and sell. You can spend a few minutes researching particular companies and once you find one you like, you can have the software monitor and send you an email notification when it is time to buy. You can set the parameters to monitor your current holdings and when they go up or down a certain amount, you can sell or buy more shares, accordingly.

Free Penny Stock Newsletters

The current penny stocks you may consider are hyped-up by the free newsletters. You should be aware that some investors purchase shares and then, use an online website to hype these particular shares, making them more money. There may be no real basis for the run-up in share prices, but they are able to capitalize on the "lemmings" that follow the advice of others. That isn't to say that these shares may not go up in value, if they offer a well-followed newsletter, but be aware these price spikes can be really temporary. They will dump their shares and move on, once the appreciation is sufficient and beginning investors should do the same thing.

Discount Broker Accounts

Setting up a discount broker account can be the best way to find out about certain trends and charts on the current penny stocks. Much of the research has been done for you and the fees are less than they are with a full-service brokerage. Keep in mind some companies aren't well-followed and there may be little information to research. Some investors believe you shouldn't invest in companies you don't know anything about or at least, those that manufacture or sell something you aren't familiar with. You can make a knowledgeable judgment, if you know what product they offer and whether it's in high demand. Save money by doing your own research and using discount broker accounts to purchase your shares.

Use Various Methods

You should learn as much as you can about current penny stocks. Using a variety of approaches will help you make better investment decisions. Besides penny stock-picking software, you may want to purchase investment eBooks and subscribe to paid newsletters by unbiased stock-pickers.