Etrade Review - Funny Ads But Very Serious About Their Clients

E-Trade, or Etrade, is a pioneering company in the online discount brokerage market with its roots going back to 1982. Of course, its reputation as a pioneer is insufficient grounds to keep its clients happy and the industry professionals satisfied with its services. This Etrade review will discuss a few of the features that make for happy clients and satisfied critics.

Let's begin by discussing the start of your trade and investment activities with Etrade. You should have an easy, fast and convenient way of signing up for Etrade's services with just 10 minutes on the timer for most clients. Be sure to keep your personal information handy including social security and tax numbers, which are standard protocol for other sites anyway. You will not be required an initial minimum deposit for employee stock plans, custodial and retirement accounts although $500 is required for other trade accounts.

Once you have started trading, your transactions will be charged the following fees. We must emphasize that our favorable Etrade review is marred by the relatively expensive fees charged by the company.

Take for example the $7.99 fee on every stock or options trade, which is only applicable if you can make a minimum of 150 trades every quarter. Otherwise, you will be paying $9.99 on each trade, which is still high in comparison with other discount brokers.

Other fees include $45 for broker-assisted trades and $25 fee for account maintenance in the event that your account falls below $5,000 or when your account registers only 2 trades. These amounts may seem small when you are maintaining hundreds of thousands of dollars in accounts but the little things do add up.

Fortunately, there are other aspects of the company's services that make this Etrade review generally favorable. One of these aspects is Etrade's excellent trading tools of which the most notable are:

• Customization of the trading platform depending on your needs and wants in building your wealth in the stock market. You have the choice of web-based, desktop or mobile trading platforms
• Easy to use and easy to navigate online trading platform
• Mobile applications through iPhone and BlackBerry allow for fast transactions over your smart phone

You will also love the banking services offered by Etrade including savings, checking and mortgage accounts. Well, of course, Etrade's strongest suit is always its investment options, which include stocks, mutual funds, bonds, exchange traded funds and even fixed income investments.

Other benefits that make for a favorable Etrade review are the following features:

• Ample protection for your assets through FDIC Insurance for Banking, Fraud Protection and SIPC Protection for Trading
• Unauthorized log-ins are virtually impossible with the Etrade Digital Security key
• Free sophisticated research tools
• International presence in over 40 countries, thus, making it possible to open account almost anywhere in the world
• Availability of Etrade Pro catering to the advanced and active traders in the community
• Very satisfactory level of customer service

In conclusion, this Etrade review is a favorable one because the company was and is making all necessary efforts to ensure that their clients are satisfied with their services.