Good Stock Pick - Tips For Finding The Top Stocks

If you are a fairly new stock market trader, finding a proven method to locate a good stock pick is your number one goal. Without it, you have little chance of picking a real money-maker and you don't want to invest your hard-earned cash into a losing proposition. There are all kinds of possibilities, when it comes to investing in the stock market, but finding a good stock pick can be a difficult task. Some people are looking for a "get-rich-quick" investment and others realize you should have a long-term investment goal.

There are plenty of ways you can research a good stock pick on your own, assuming you know how to analyze financial statements, cash flow and earnings or profitability predictions. Unfortunately, there are many factors that aren't on paper, such as management incompetency, lack of product development or poor financial and economic market conditions. If you have a full-service brokerage account, you may think they will provide the best way to find a good stock pick, but how can you be sure of their track record, without doing plenty of research on their past choices and recommendations?

Newsletters are helpful tools and certainly, there are some share-trading tutorials that can help you select a good stock pick, without any kind of outside assistance. If it were that easy for anybody to consistently know the market or what an individual company's shares were going to do, there wouldn't be any losers, ever. Finding a good stock pick from a newsletter is possible and there are day traders that get daily online newsletters sent to their inbox.

Timing can be everything, especially when there is a "buy" recommendation, because that action, alone, will cause a run-up in share prices. That is especially true, if it is a well-followed newsletter or broker. On the other hand, a "sell" order can cause a drastic sell-off that lowers share prices, quickly. If you are able to make your own judgment calls, you can save money on your trades with self-directed, discount brokerage accounts, but you still can't always predict the market. The key to a good stock pick is determining the underlying factors that drive share prices and you need to make decisions, with little time for research.

There are stock-picking software programs that can quickly run algorithms with past statistical data, along with projected trends. Many day traders use these types of stock-picking software programs and have success trading with them. Those that trade in "penny stocks" will want to search for penny stock-picking software programs, made specifically for these lower-cost shares. It may be the solution you are looking for, if you are unclear on how to make a good stock pick, with little time for research.

There's no need for special training, if you want to invest in the stock market, but you need a proven way to select a good stock pick. If you enjoy picking your own investments, you need to look for share-trading books or tutorials, but newsletters and online advice can be helpful tools, as well. If you hope to make a sizable profit through investing in public-traded companies, it's crucial to increase your chances of selecting a profitable investment, through knowledge or some other means.