ThinkOrSwim Review - What Makes This Trading Platform Unique

ThinkorSwim is an internet broker that offers both live and online investment services in a wide variety of products. These include self-directed institutional users and options traders with interests in stocks, equities and futures, among others. Keep in mind that this ThinkorSwim review focuses on the stock trade aspect of these investor services.

Opening an account with ThinkorSwim neither requires deep thinking nor needs swimming in uncharted waters, in a manner of speaking. You just need to fill in the required blanks on the online form with essential personal information like name, address and social security number, among other data. It's easy, fast and safe since we have yet to hear of spamming or identity theft with signing up online with ThinkorSwim.

Unlike its competitors, ThinkorSwim does not have a tiered structure for its commission rates. You will benefit from such a fact when your account is on the small and/or infrequent trade side. Thus, you will pay a flat rate of $9.95 on each trade for market or limit orders on a 5,000-share ceiling. Or you can choose the $0.015 per share fee on a $5 minimum trade. You will find many a ThinkorSwim review that praises these reasonable fees.

You must take note, however, that the company has a minimum account balance requirement of $500. You must also have at least $3,500 in your account during the opening process. These amounts are relatively steep in comparison with other brokerage services where no minimum account balance is required and only $500 is required to open an active account.

Still, these are hiccups in an otherwise smooth relationship with ThinkorSwim. You may even appreciate these provisions in the contract if you are a serious investor with equally serious plans to build your wealth a thousand dollars at a time.

Yet another reason for our positive ThinkorSwim review is the easy-to-use website. The trading platforms and the general site itself have tabs that make clicking so easy and simple. You also have the great benefit of demo videos and other instructional materials that deepen your understanding of investments in general and stock trades in particular. At the very least, you will not be making a novice's mistake of investing on emotions since your knowledge takes precedence in making investment decisions.

And speaking of trading platforms, you have four choices - Desktop, Think Anywhere, Think Mobile and web-based trading. This means that you can trade almost anywhere and everywhere for as long as you have either a computer or a mobile phone - truly, a good reason to base a positive ThinkorSwim review on.

If you want to play around with money, you can use the trading app known as paperMoney. Basically, you can experiment with play money and a virtual account to hone your skills in investments. You are assured, nonetheless, that the company's customer service representatives are all-work-and-no-play whenever they are online to address your issues, complaints and concerns. We recommend checking out this paper trading option before investing 'real' money to get your feet wet.

In conclusion, this favorable ThinkorSwim review is based on factors including great trading platforms, research tools, and customer service as well as an affordable fee schedule. You will find that swimming in a sea of investments is, indeed, profitable in every way possible with ThinkorSwim, no doubt about it.