Zecco Review - What Makes This The Top Penny Stock Broker?

In this Zecco review, we shall be discussing the reasons why the discount brokerage firm deserves its moniker as the King of Low-Cost Trading. When it first appeared on the scene, Zecco offered free stock trades that reeled in the clients. Still, it must be emphasized that there is a wide gap between reeling in and keeping the clients in the competitive world of investment brokerage.

Well, we can safely assume that Zecco has kept their clients and continues to attract new ones given its robust presence in the industry. The company has occupied the top ranks of various annual brokerage reviews from industry magazines like Barron's and SmartMoney. Of course, said high rankings rest on the high satisfaction experienced by clients in relation to Zecco's investment and trade brokerage services.

Let's start this Zecco review with the most important and most attractive feature of the brokerage firm - its low pricing structure. For one thing, you have the benefit of a low flat rate of $4.95 per trade and $0.65 on options per contract, both of which are still more competitive than other discount brokerage companies. Even its penny stock trades are charged a low flat rate of $6.95 each, which may not seem low but when you are already trading in the thousands of penny stocks, the cents do add up.

For another thing, you can save money because Zecco does not impose fees on accounts falling below the required minimum and fees on inactive accounts. Its competitors are not as generous with their pricing structure.

Yet another reason for this favorable Zecco review is the wide range of services offered by the brokerage firm. You can choose from among common and preferred stocks, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, certificates of deposit, bonds, foreign exchange and precious metals, among others. You can also choose from among trading options like market and limit orders as well as trade on margins.

In contrast, you will only be asked just a few essential pieces of information when opening an account with Zecco. Be prepared with your personal information including complete name, address and birth date as well as social security number and employer contact information, among others. Unlike other brokerage firms, you will not be spammed by third parties who somehow secured your personal information from Zecco.

Other features that we like about Zecco:

  • Easy transfers of money from your bank account to the Zecco account. Your choices include money transaction or ACH transaction. The latter may be inconvenient since it takes 3 to 5 days for the ACH transfer to happen. The good news is that you can opt for the free ACAT transfer from your old brokerage account to your new account at Zecco.
  • Trading at Zecco is also easy. The trading interface is user-friendly, easy to navigate and easy to use with just the right amount of information displayed on the screen.
  • Premium investing tools are also available. These tools include GainsKeeper, a highly recognized tools used even by seasoned accountants in shares accounting.

All these features make it a great penny stock broker. This one is definitely a keeper.